Understanding Your Two Choices This Election

This election cycle is fraught with controversy and is noted for its exceptionality un-traditional campaigns and candidates given years past. Bi-partisanism brought on by the polarization of American society and late stage-capitalism threatens to put the country on the brink of fascism. Two candidates with radically different positions have risen to prominence this election and have proven themselves to be the only real viable candidates for the American public.

Introducing Vermin Supreme. Supreme calls himself a “friendly-fascist“. His radical orally oriented politics promises to “MAKE AMERICA a sea of shinny smiles from sea to shinny sea, AGAIN”. Some have questioned the authoritarian nature of his mandatory tooth brushing policies. Going as far as to advocate for creating a standing pony army in the domestic United States saying the US needs “Lots of ponies — pony bombs, pony drones, pony tanks, pony troops, hoofs on the ground, boots on the head,” he said.


This is Vermin Supreme’s Official Platform.

I’m a tyrant that you can trust. You should let me run your life because I know what is best for you.

Yes, I’m a politician. I will lie to you because I have no reason not to. I will promise your electorate heart anything you desire, because you are my constituents, you are the informed voting public, and I have no invention of keeping any promise that I make.

This election year, vote early, vote often, and remember, a vote for me, Vermin Supreme, is a vote completely thrown away.

My primary policy positions are as follows:

  • I stand for mandatory toothbrushing laws. Now friends, some people will tell you this mandatory toothbrushing law is about the DNA gene-splicing of winged monkeys to access tooth-training forces. No it is not. Nor is it about the dental reeducation centers. It is not about the preventive dental maintenance detention facilities. It is not about the government-issued toothpaste containing an addictive yet harmless substance. It is not about even the computer chip dental implants to keep track of you and your children. What this mandatory toothbrushing law is really about is strong teeth for a strong America.
  • Number two, zombie preparedness. America must be prepared for the upcoming zombie invasion. Yes and I am the only candidate who provides such a plan.
  • Time travel research. I am the only candidate who will go back in time and kill baby Hitler before he’s even born.
  • And last but not least, free ponies for all Americans. Yes it’s a Free Pony for All Americans Job Act. Just think of the jobs that will be created when all Americans have ponies. Oh yes, for sure. And not only that, but it’s a federal pony identification system, to identify you for your safety. And it will protect us from terrorists!

Thank you. My name is Vermin Supreme. I approve this message.

On the other hand for the more liberal left leaning people this election there has been only one choice. A candidate some say is radically rocking the American political establishment with his embrace of political ideologies thought un-palatable for the American public since the cold war. Governor in Exile of Ohio Sean Swain. Swain, known for his bold anti-establishment politics, has been known to speak truth to power. “Have you seen all these fascist fuckweasels I’m running against? We’d be better off eating them than putting them in power.” Source . Swain a candidate who came out of nowhere this election knows the establishment has stacked the deck against him. “I have no major party backing me; I will be excluded from the televised debates; by statute, you will not find my name on the ballot, and I am relegated to a write-in campaign. I am operating on a $17 per month budget from my prison cell” source


Swains Official Platform follows.

Here’s a quick and virtually painless method for achieving the solution, totally unravelling the existing global system!

Sean Swain would provide the lowest tax rate (0%) and he is the only candidate who would completely eliminate ALL government regulation! Sean Swain would eliminate the ENTIRE national debt on his first day in office!

Sean Swain is the only candidate who will completely erase the wealth gap between rich and poor and totally alleviate the burdens of the working class while creating a level playing field for EVERYONE! Only Sean Swain’s plan will SAVE the environment by eliminating industry!

Only Sean Swain will ELIMINATE the surveillance control state and leave you completely free to live your lives without intrusion!


According to the platform Sean Swain unveiled this week, he intends to remain president for only ninety days in order to accomplish the following agenda:
1. De-commission the United States military and take all nuclear weapons off-line permanently.
2. Auction trillions of dollars worth of military hardware on e-Bay.
3. Demand resignation of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the heads of every U.S. agency including the FBI, CIA, NSA and Homeland Security. Those who refuse to resign will be shot and eaten.
4. Open all borders. By Executive Order, border patrols will greet all immigrants with warm blankets and chicken soup.
5. Print billions of dollars and release them into the economy without keeping count.
6. Refuse to sign any budget, raise any debt ceiling, or resolve any government shutdown.
7. Pardon all U.S. prisoners and burn all prisons to the ground.
8. Declare every day of the year a national holiday, eliminating all work.


While the two candidates have been hard on the campaign trail new allegations are arising questioning rather the two candidates are really all that different or in fact if they are actually the same person! Photo evidence of the two demonstrates an un canny likeness. Rising suspicions that Vermin Supreme is actually an acid filled human husk being psychically controlled by Swain Swain from his lair deep inside of Ohio’s Supermax prison.


Election officials are taking the allegations seriously and calling for a preemptive vote to be held before November, to determine rather or Swain and Supreme are actually one in the same mind. Votes can be submitted here.



Trial Support For Coyote Acabo

Social Media Event

Please come out to pack the courtroom in support of Coyote Acabo and his family as they face down serious charges stemming from an action in solidarity with Andre and Bryson (two black men who were shot in the back by police last may).
The judge appreciates formal dress so to the extent you feel comfortable please come dressed nice.

-Go to https://rally.org/supportcoyoteacabo to help support Coyote and his family financially through this.
-Go to https://www.youcaring.com/chaplin-thompson-family-360252 to support Andre and Bryson

Please RSVP to the event because there will be a meeting regarding Coyote’s accountability process that we would like to encourage trial attendees to come to as well.

*We ask that supporters be aware that when Coyote is on trial his family is on trial with him. These are devastating and emotionally draining times for his beloveds and those who rely on him for day to day companionship and support. His family is unable to operate as if this were a social event. If you dont know them, this trial may not be the time to introduce yourself. Please respect their need for space and understand that it isn’t personal.*

* We need help wrapping up some logistics before he serves his next period of time and before any additional sentence is imposed. As of now he plans to turn himself in on the 25th to serve his next 20 days for municipal charges. Specifically we need help: packing up his stuff at the Alley Palace and putting it in storage, as well as figuring out something to do with his van; stockpiling foods; and gathering funds for phone calls etc. And especially during the trial and likely during part of his twenty days, I will need help getting Devon to and from school. An event page will be going up soon specifically for Coyote’s court support. Also, Tyd takes Coyote’s absence really hard and becomes super clingy, so it is really hard to get a lot done when I am flying solo. Any kind of adult interaction helps release some of that pressure, so please reach out. All of this takes an enormous toll on our family, and we genuinely need, and are deeply grateful for, all the help we can get. Thank you so much for being here through this time.

Multnomah County Cry Baby Campaign Against Sept. 9th Demo in Portland

Leading up to the September 9th demonstration in Portland, Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury felt the need to spread a fearful message to the employees of Multnomah county in regards to the September 9th demonstration in town. Apparently the state capitalist system is so vulnerable now that a simple protest warrants a county wide warning message to stigmatize and cast fear upon any street mobilization that aligns its self against white supremacy and the prison system!



Dear Multnomah County employees,

We have learned that a group is planning a protest in downtown Portland today beginning at 2:00 pm. We do not know if this is intended to be a peaceful protest. However, supporters were asked to hold “noise demonstrations outside jails and prisons to disrupt and demonstrate outside of corporations that profit from prison labor and also support the strike that is happening across the US.”

Please keep this in mind as you come in and out of county buildings this afternoon. If you work downtown or plan to visit downtown and can stay in your building/office today that is recommended. If you plan to leave early, please check with your supervisor first and follow the leave procedures for your department.

As always, please remain situationally aware.
If you have any concerns please talk with your supervisor.

• Always be aware of your surroundings.

• When entering or exiting secured areas, make sure the door latches behind you; do not let others “tailgate.”

• When inside the office, keep your ID visible and with you at all times.

• When outside of the office, put your ID out of sight.

• If you are approached and are asked suspicious questions or see anything or anyone suspicious, please report this to authorities immediately.


<DK Email Signature.JPG>
Chair Deborah Kafoury

Its interesting that Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury felt no need to warn employees about the vicious gang who also hit the streets on Sept. 9th, the Portland Police. A gang who have a long and documented history of murdering civilians without cause, or their known Nazi Commander Mark Kruger who has received promotion after promotion by the Portland Police. Nor did she mention that the Portland Police are known to ruthlessly attack and brutalize peaceful protestors with batons, rubber bullets, flash grenades and have even pepper sprayed babies to name just one of its more egregious acts of unprovoked violence during “peaceful” demonstrations. What Deborah doesn’t understand is that the Portland Police don’t allow peaceful protests.

Instead she choose to use the same old tried and true methods of the state to stigmatize and demonize those who take to the streets in their own city. (WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE THINK YOU LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY!). Because apparently we have no right to demonstrate, we have no right to our own streets, those who think they have the right to their own streets must be viewed through a criminalizing othering lense. According to the state and their corporate media parrots, streets are only to be used for the steady flow of capital and commerce. If we prevent that, we are bad, we are violent, preventing the steady flow of capital to our corporate overlords in anyway is violence of course.

Lets look at the actual numbers. Deaths and injuries against the bodies of the general citizenry at the hands of protestors, zero. Deaths and injuries at the hands of the Portland police, TOO MANY TO COUNT!

When state agencies and the corporate media focus on the evil bad protestors, this is explicit act of political repression. Especially when its mounted before a protest even begins! Mounting state resources to demonize, stigmatize and cast fear upon popular mobilization’s that contest their interests, is the real intention, not the safety of the public/employees. “The business of obscuring language is a mask behind which is the much bigger business of obscuring plunder” -Frantz Fannon

According to CBS NewsThe number of inmates who died in state prisons and local jails in the United States increased for the third year in a row in 2013, according to a report from the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). The total number of inmate deaths that year, 4,446, is the highest since the agency began tracking it in 2007“. According to the Washington Post 980 people were killed by the police in 2016. This number is higher than US soldiers killed in this country’s ongoing wars in the middle east, more than any other countries police killings combined!

So who should the public fear, is it the protestors trying to put a stop to the ongoing slaughter of the public at the hands of the police and the kidnapping of millions of citizens for non-violent offenses, people who are actually trying to put a stop to the main outlets of violence/traumatization in this society, the prisons, police and capitalism.

Should we fear the protestors because they block traffic. Because once in awhile a window of a corrupt corporation gets cracked, or a pebble gets thrown at a heavily armored riot cop carrying a large Plexiglas shield, with multiple flash bangs around his belt, standing alongside compatriots with grenade launchers armed with tear gas, buddies with bean bag shot guns and backed up with an armada of friends with assault rifles, armored vehicles and more just waiting around the corner to exercise their monopoly on violence against these obstinate bodies.

Or should we fear an authoritarian state that deals with simple protests in such a militarized manner. A state that continues to ruthlessly murder citizens with impunity,  incarcerates millions, the vast majority, for non-violent offenses, the vast majority being people of color. A state that is controlled by the wealthy 1% of mega billionaires, whose business are putting our world to the torch by never addressing global warming.

Should we not stand with those who refuse to be terrorized into submission by such blatant and constant threats of violence? A state that has a history of genocide against native American’s and the enslavement of people of color. A history that is not history at all because these legacies never ended and continue to this day. Given this don’t we have a right, no an ethical duty to put an end to the madness as Malcom X said “by any means necessary?”

Or is the moral, correct and right thing to do, to sit idly by on the sidelines, complicit in genocide, miserable “peaceful” and paranoid in maintaining our position in society as Deborah does?


Despite Racist Attacks & Police Terror Portlander’s Take the Streets to End Prison Slavery!

On September 9th protesters met at 2pm at Chapman Square in Portland Oregon to stand in solidarity with striking prisoners across the country and the world!

Portland answered the call for solidarity demonstrations to assist prisoner’s struggle to end prison profiteering, prison slavery, white supremacy and the prison society!

The event was organized by a broad coalition of groups featuring The Portland Anarchist Black Cross, Black Lives Matter PDX, The All African Peoples Revolutionary Party, Black Rose Anarchist Federation PDX, Enlace, Portland Prison Divestment Coalition, Oregon Jericho, The Jericho Movement,Incarcerated Worker Organizing Committee, Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media and Education, American Friends Service Committee, Showing up for Racial Justice PDX, Portland Commitee for Human Rights in the Philippines, Marilyn Buck Abolitionist Collective.

Prior to the events commencement participants reported heavily armed and armored riot police patrolling the area and intimidating community members with their militarized and heavily armed presence.


The event began with a teach-in at Chapman Square where groups shared their organizations work and discussed the history of genocide, slavery and white supremacy as its directly linked to the prison industrial complex. Groups encouraged participants to join an organization to begin struggling against these ongoing legacies and to stand with prisoners taking risks for a better world without prisons today.


During this time the police took the initiative to confiscate several “threatening” banners in the name “officer safety” wherein they also made one arrest.



Around 3pm the march set off with a chants of “brick by brick wall by wall, we will make the prisons fall” & “What is our mission! Abolition!” backed up by a mobile sound system that set a high energy level. Over 300 people hit the streets then proceeded down 6th st.


When the march reached the Mcdonalds off of the Max Line by PSU marchers were immediately greeted with a line of riot police. Demonstrators linked arm in arm as a police attack seemed eminent. Some demonstrators dorned masks to provide anoniminty to counteract police survailance tactics wherein protestors are identified and documented to be targeted for police reprisals and political repression. The marchers then swiftly navigated around the riot cop wall. Amid rocks and threats allegedly being thrown at the police, potentially in response to their intimidation tactics and earlier unwarranted kidnapping of a community member.


The march then went down Broadway St where they were greated by comrades who had initiated a soft blockade infront of the McDonalds off of 6th and Main. There community members held the streets for over an hour . While speeches and political theater about prison profiteering at the hands of McDonald’s were made.

Members of the All African Peoples Revolutionary Party and Marilyn Buck Abolitionist collective distributed over 150 free lunches as a healthy alternative for folks looking to get food at McDonalds. It was explained that McDonald’s uses prison labor to manufacture their uniforms and other items.



While the sit in continued the demonstrated began being accosted by a group of vocal right wing agitatiors. Two community members were assaulted at knife point by a screaming white male who had been trolling the rally with a group of self described “Trumpers”. Participants were able to de-escalate the situation and remove the threat, of course without the need of police intervention. Along with this group of agitators was a likely white supremacist with a blazing confederate flag tattoo video taping and trolling the rally.


At 5pm the march then continued onto AT & T where community members occupied the building in solidarity with the Sept. 9th call to action. AT & T has used prison labor to staff its call centers ever since it fired thousands of unionized call center employees in 1993. Informational leaflets were passed out to onlookers and the store was essentially closed for business.


At approximately 5:45 a large line of riot police appeared and began threatening to attack community members demonstrating at the AT &T store.


The march then returned to Chapman square where a noise demonstration proceeded for over an hour. Across from Chapman square is the Justice Center where several hundered prisoners are held captive by the state at any time. Loud and exuberant chants of “All Cops are Bastards” and “End Prison Slavery” where made audible by all those locked up inside. Folks also began blasting anti-police and prison music for all those locked up to enjoy with a mobile sound system and a street dance party ensured.



A police car was tagged with a circle A and several community members began dancing on top of a police vehicle while a cop was sitting inside, sending a message that their state terrorism and violent tactics would not scare people into silence and submission..



A line of riot cops then emerged and pushed the crowd back on to the sidewalk



The police then pulled back half of their numbers.


The police then began coaxing protestors by repeatedly announcing over their loud speakers “thank you for doing as ordered” ,in a scoffing tone, amid threats of arresting anyone who stepped into the streets. Several brave folks arm and arm then stepped into the streets in defiance.


Immidiately a large police truck with over a dozen riot officers whipped around the corner and began violently attacking the march, pushing people over a chain link fence between the sidewalk and chapman square, pepper spraying several and kidnapping two more who were later released.

Despite the repression folks remained in the square for several hours making noise and raising a ruckus for all those locked down across the world until deciding to leave around 8pm.


UAW Local 4123 Endorses September 9th Work Stoppage

UAW Local 4123: Why We Are Endorsing the September 9 Nationwide Prison Strike

Dear fellow workers,

Our union, which represents more than 10,000 academic student employees including Teaching Associates, and Graduate Assistants across the California State University system, formally endorses the nationally coordinated prisoner work stoppage set for September 9, 2016.

UAW Local 4123 is endorsing the September 9 strike because we see our local’s struggles against poverty-level wages, debt-financed education and workplace discrimination as intimately connected to prisoners’ “Call to Action Against Slavery in America” – in ways both patently obvious and less well-understood.

Inmates affiliated with the Free Alabama Movement, the self-organized committee created by prisoners in Alabama to reclaim basic dignities for inmates, helped put the call out following a spring strike across carceral facilities throughout the state – actions which commenced on May Day and lasted more than a week. The Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee of the Industrial Workers of the World, the member-run syndicalist union still around after more than a century of direct action at the point of production, is assisting with organizing efforts.

UAW Local 4123 joins organizations like the National Lawyers Guild, which offered a formal endorsement of the September 9 action. In 2015, the NLG passed a resolution supporting prison abolition, committing the guild to working toward a world where prisons are obsolete and the perceived need for incarceration ceases to exist.

As both graduate students and workers in academia, we would be remiss not to recall the historical relationship between two seminal American institutions – slavery and the university.

We wouldn’t be the first to do so. Union-affiliated graduate students at Yale produced a report in 2001 documenting their university’s historical relation to slavery, from the first professorship at the college having been endowed by a slave trader in the mid-18th century, to the concerted effort of Yale leaders in 1831 to thwart inclusion of African Americans in higher education in New Haven. Professor of History at MIT and Bard Prison Initiative fellow Craig Wilder later published “Ebony & Ivy: Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of America’s Universities,” which showed how the tripling of colleges in colonial America between 1746 and 1769 coincided with the height of the slave trade and expansion of the Atlantic economy that ensued as a result of chattel labor. (Cite motherjones article)

As the authors of the “Call to Action” for the 9/9 work stoppage note, the 13th amendment to the US Constitution, which is assumed to have abolished slavery when it was ratified in 1865, also “maintains a continued exception for continued slavery in US prisons.” The amendment prohibits slavery “except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted,” leaving slave-like labor permissible in American prisons.

In her 2005 book, “Abolition Democracy,” Davis echoed W.E.B. DuBois’ insight that while slavery formally ended after the American Civil War, it nevertheless persisted in modified form. The institutions necessary to enable freed slaves democratized access to the means of subsistence and to collectively empower people to make the major decisions affecting their lives were not adequately built during Reconstruction, thus allowing for new modes of enslavement to continue. Just as “abolition democracy” was needed to truly transcend slavery, Davis suggests it is likewise necessary to recover collective agency through participatory resistance movements. As union representatives for students resisting the parallel issues of being overworked, underpaid, and exploited we fully endorse the prisoners’ emancipatory proclamation – “We are not making demands or requests of our captors, we are calling ourselves to action”

Jordan Camp, author of “Incarcerating the Crisis: Freedom Struggles and the Rise of the Neoliberal State,” documents how a series of working class urban uprisings in the 1960s, as well as events like Attica prison rebellion, became fodder for organized fear. These moral panics were then used to justify the gutting of the social wage and evisceration of publicly funded goods and services. Money got funneled into the expansion of policing and prisons instead.

In California, the ideological architect – or mouthpiece, at any rate – of this new paradigm, Ronald Reagan, who would go on to champion “law and order” as president,  first took aim at his state’s university students after being elected governor in 1966. Vowing to “clean up that mess at Berkeley,” and to “throw the bums off welfare” – presumably referring to California university students, who previously had near-free access to higher education – Reagan’s rhetoric conceptually linked purportedly privileged college students engaging in activism and organizing to criminal social upheaval.

Before Reagan took presidential office, his fellow Californian Richard Nixon set the stage by using race-based vilification in the early 1970s to peg poor people, predominantly of color, as a source of disorder and drain on social budgets so he could generate consent for the slashing of the social safety. As Camp suggests in his book, the build-up of mass incarceration can be traced in part to the era Nixon and Reagan ushered in when they offered middle America an insidious solution to the social crisis and economic downturn of the period by suggesting the problem of rebellion could be eliminated by defunding its supposed causes – free or affordable education and New Deal-style social provisions – and through aggressive policing and prisons. Put bluntly, the policies and ideologies that led to mass incarceration parallel those that have essentially eradicated affordable education and ushered in the era of student labor exploitation.

In 1978, California passed Prop 13, which lessened the state’s capacity to raise revenues through property taxes that could go to supporting public education. Tuition and fees started increasing, as did the number of prisons and hence prisoners in the Golden State, which further decreased available funds for California colleges and universities. In her book “Golden Gulag: Prisons, Surplus, Crisis, and Opposition in Globalizing California,” Ruth Wilson Gilmore recounts how the state set about the biggest prison-constructing project in world history, increasing California’s incarcerated population some 500 percent between the early 1980s and 2000. The West Coast trend caught on, and the nationwide incarcerated population expanded from about 500,000 in 1980 to just under two million by the turn of the millennium. As of 2014, California was second only to Texas in terms of the sheer number of people behind bars within the United States.

In addition to being home to the massive rolling hunger strikes undertaken by prisoners in recent years, including the 2011 solidarity actions against conditions in Pelican Bay, the state’s first super-maximum security prison, California has also witnessed a resurgence in student and unionized academic worker militancy. We saw a series of student occupations in response to an impending 32 percent tuition and fee increase across the UC system in 2009. In 2014, our comrades with UAW Local 2865 staged a strategic two-day strike over working conditions for graduate student workers and other academic employees across UC campuses.

We therefore see the elimination of incarceration and exploitation as intertwined. Because those of us with UAW Local 4123 understand our different struggles as inextricably linked, we endorse the September 9 coordinated nationwide prisoner work stoppage and encourage others to join us in supporting those on the inside in the fight for real abolition.

In Solidarity,

UAW 4123 Local Executive Board

Fernando Bárcenas, Anarchist Political Prisoner in Mexico, Calls for Solidarity with September 9 Prison Strike in US

From Anarchist Black Cross – Mexico
Translated by Scott Campbell

Open letter to compañerxs.

Note: The use of the word prison in this text refers to all artificial environments that domesticate us so as to insert us by force into the capitalist system of production; this is a contribution to deepen the reflection of all living beings in the hands of economic powers and the technological project…

Compas, I greet you with insurrectionary love, that these words of war may reach you; greeting as well the coming days of insurrection, as ideas bloom in the fields like flowers we should not stop tending.

We do not know if there will be a victory, but what we do know is that they will not occupy our dreams and our lives…


The only truly free moment is when we fight for freedom, because we prefer to die rather than accept this way of life, and without realizing it we are already free, because nothing occupies our minds except the sole desire to set fire to reality…

But what hides behind this destructive war, behind the somber darkness of the human spirit? Is it not perhaps the reflection and poetic manifestation of beings taking back their lives and actively influencing the organization of the daily life?

If each person that bragged about their “freedom” became aware of their condition, it would be the beginning of the last war, our last opportunity.

I have learned that the potentials for a real force capable of opposing and negating capitalism are revealed in the course of the daily lives of the people.

They are simple linkages of ideas and actions; we don’t want to be palatable to the modern consumerist masses, that is why I believe a true form of self-organization can only exist among the most beaten-down and marginalized people, who daily live in a war driven by instinct and feeling rather than reason…

As an unspoiled and wild conscience, not too manipulated by educational systems, is always more likely to be open to anarchist positions…

To others, who instinctively sense, feel driven towards disobedience, it’s just creating the “spark” to ignite the flame…

But generally, to cause one to reflect, a prisoner, for example, we find that simple words aren’t enough, because this is someone who lives in the war every day and who knows the landscape much better than we do and that doesn’t happen through words, but through real actions and attitudes that are in line with what we think and say.

Many question the “tactics” or “methods” as if it were a competition and with that I’m not saying we should isolate and avoid conscious criticism, but to the contrary; the only problem is that we are dragging along bourgeois influences, like shackles around our necks that historically have permeated the organizational formations of those who call themselves libertarians…

Radically opposite that, I don’t thinks it’s necessary to rationalize all aspects of life. The social revolution is built daily, without manuals or dogmas, as much in our social life as in the shadows, and not because one has to be revolutionary by decree, but because the word revolution for me, and I know for many others, means to take an active role in this war, but always in our own way, and because of that we can’t keep closing our eyes when faced with any doctrine or scientific or religious ideology, as learning and knowledge are acquired in the popular trenches, in experimentation, in confusion, in spontaneity, we don’t want set goals or standards, because it would be sentencing ourselves to ignorance and slavery…

The problem of the great civilizations that have existed so far is that they have all based their worldviews on exact and quantifiable sciences…

The human feels such anguish at the insignificance of its existence given the absolute abandonment that is life under the prison regimes of the cities and prisons; and because of that it seeks refuge and relief by trying to give a fictitious “order” to life; it dedicates itself to seeking to understand everything and reduce it all to its world and size. If we focused more on simply enjoying the exquisiteness of existence we would find relief for all the evils created in us by civilizational domestication, and all the catastrophic wars that the human has brought to this earth by naively seeking to break the natural order of life could have been avoided…

And that is why in this imposed war, in which we live and suffer slavery and misery at the hands of a few who in the name of capital have bestowed upon themselves the right to direct our existence, it is still not too late to realize that the centuries of history that have preceded us have taught us that any form of government is always the same thing; the justification of the right to restrict and to punish in order to exploit…

As even the most primitive living organism instinctively knows that if it is not capable of adapting to its environment it will eventually become extinct; the question would then be: Will the human be capable of adapting to the conditions of artificial life imposed on it by the techno-industrial environment?

In wild nature and in ourselves the components exist that make the way forward possible. It is absurd to think about possessing all natural resources and materials in our environment, that is a colonial and anthropocentric vision of life and its reproduction will imminently bring with it the edification of the principles of authority and power and, as a consequence, slavery and war…

Our participation in the war must therefore be radically different from the imperialist way of war…it is not war for war, it is not war for its sake, but for our wild defense…

This is a call for revolutionary solidarity against the slavery and extermination imposed by economic plunder…in north america, latin america, the middle east, europe and all other places touched by civilization, know that we are preparing ourselves within these Mexican prisons, but that will be shown through action…

In the war with our prisoner brothers, the slaves of the United States, who are rising up and coordinating a national strike in the prisons of north america on September 9, 2016, and with all other prisoners and slaves in foreign prisoners…

Until we are all free.

Fernando Bárcenas Castillo.

A Statement in Support of September 9th from Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain

From SeanSwain.org

“Where the conditions for revolution are not present, they must be manufactured.”
-George Jackson

Prison officials recently placed Siddique Abdullah Hasan, a death row prisoner held at Ohio’s supermax, in segregation. Siddique was framed as a leader of the Lucasville prison uprising in 1993 and has been a vocal supporter of the September 9th national prisoner work stoppage. His segregation should really come as no surprise as prison (mis)managers have long waged a brutal war on truth and on the captives who tell it. What is disturbing and highly instructive is that Siddique’s segregation didn’t originate with the prison warden, but with the FBI.

Yeah. The FBI.

This further proves something I suspected in 2012 when prison officials segregated me and tortured me for having an “ideology.” While I was being tortured at a state prison, the FBI was on site. In fact, the FBI assisted by providing the Ohio prison system with training manuals on how to break me. Know where the training manuals were developed? The CIA.

The torture tactics that the FBI shared with state prison officials came straight out of the CIA’s Counterintelligence and Interrogation Manual. So, let’s connect some dots…

The FBI and CIA have essentially merged, so all of the dirty, nasty terror that the U.S. used to unleash exclusively overseas can now be employed right here at home. And the meta-data -collecting snoops reading your emails who perfected torture and state terror have state prison wardens on speed dial, giving unthinkable orders to those who run the largest, most sprawling human bondage system in all of human history.

This is no conspiracy theory, folks. Conspiracies are kept secret. The architects of this terror state are developing this ultimate control system right in front of your eyes. These enemies of human freedom are not saying, “We don’t know what you’re talking about,”—they’re saying, “We have Apache attack helicopters, so what are you going to do about it?”

They want you to know what they’re doing. They want you paralyzed with fear. That makes you predictable.

So, look. I’ve been invited to say a few words about why you should support the national prison work stoppage on September 9th. In doing that, I’m not going to rattle off facts and figures about how the criminal justice and corrections systems target racial minorities or how these systems serve to tip the scales in favor of social and political conservatism by neutralizing those who benefit most from radical change. I’m not going to explain how the indiscriminate police shootings of black people is just an outgrowth of the larger program. I’m going to assume that you’ve been awake and that you’ve already got a grasp of the painfully obvious.

We can also forgo moral arguments about lofty principles like equality and fairness and human compassion. Others can make those arguments much better than I can. Instead, I’m going to try to explain why your own naked self-interests are served in supporting this September 9th work stoppage.

Let’s talk about you.

As Edward Snowden revealed, somewhere in a dark government office, a national security creep is thumbing through your emails, listening to your phone calls, scrutinizing your search histories—he’s sniffing through your intellectual underwear. Do you know where this mass-surveillance plan was perfected?

My calls have been monitored and recorded since 1991. Hacks in the prison mail room have been reading my mail for 25 years. So, what you now experience is just a more broadly applied, slightly more complicated program of surveillance developed right here in the prison mail room.

Our common enemy knows it would be too expensive to take the entire population to prison. So, instead, they brought the prison to you.

They’ve done studies on how much rule-deviant conduct the ycan deter just through the threat of surveillance—the knowledge that the government is watching and listening. Look around. How many cameras are pointed at you? Yeah. That was exported from prison too. Again, studies on how much rebellion can be minimized…

Riot response, shields and helmets and kittling—all that came from the prison yard to the college commons. Rubber bullets, pepper spray cannons, Tasers—all used first on prisoners and then perfected on you.

Want to speak out against injustice? Want to peacefully demonstrate your concerns in a public setting?

Yeah. Take this work.

So, thanks to the ever-evolving strategies rolled out from my world into yours, you now live your butchered half-lives with a shotgun in your face. You have the right to shut up…or else.

But you don’t have the right to a living wage. In the current election cycle, the corporate party candidates bemoan the disappearance of manufacturing and union-scale jobs to other countries. But they don’t talk about the jobs that moved down the street and over the barbed wire. Ohio prisoners performed slave labor for the Ford Motor Company and Honda for pennies a day while folks you know are sleeping in their cars. This slavery allows prison officials to run their plantations on the cheap, to your detriment.

And none of this speaks to the likelihood of desperate and destroyed human debris getting dumped from this debilitating program back into your neighborhood, with no opportunities and absolutely no tools for developing healthy relationships. We’re not dealing with a system here that fails to rehabilitate 90% of the time, creating future crime and victimization. We’re dealing with a system that works as designed, manufacturing crime and suffering, creating an industry of crime and crime response, a system that sees you and your well-being as collateral damage.

You’re not safer because prison (mis)managers lock up prisoners; you’re less safe because prison (mis)managers destroy and mangle human beings and then set them loose.

On top of all that, the militarized police force is a projection of a looming threat that you too can be scooped up and destroyed for decades directly, and that looming threat serves to maintain the current status quo. It’s a no-brainer that the prison complex is an integral component to the fascist police state keeping you un-free.

So, that being the case, a challenge to this control complex is pregnant with the potential for radically altering the government’s capacity to maintain all of the consequences just listed. It all goes together.

The planned work stoppage on September 9th doesn’t seek better food or pizza parties for coddled criminals; it seeks to change the world you and I both live in. It seeks to empower the powerless to at least imagine the future we deserve and to inspire the belief that we can do something about it.

Look. You can struggle against the terror state when it is still disorganized and casualties will be few, or you can wait. You can wait and struggle against the terror state when its powers are established and casualties will be greater, or you can wait again…You can wait and struggle against the terror state when victory will be very hard and casualties will be great…or you can continue to wait. You can wait and struggle against the terror state when victory will be dubious and the struggle feels hopeless, or yet again you can wait… You can wait and struggle against the terror state when there is no hope of victory and you only fight because it is better to fight and to die that to live as a slave.

The choice is yours.

Some choose to fight now.

I make this statement in full knowledge that having said what I’ve said, I might never be heard from again…unless we take this motherfucker down.

So, look. I’m not going to tell you that if you opt out of this pivotal stand against our common enemy and it fails that our children or our grandchildren will look back at this crucial moment and pity us for our cowardice and our inaction, that they will lament the intolerable existence under fascism to which we doomed them. No. That’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is that if we don’t act now and if we don’t succeed, our children and grandchildren will live so un-free, they will sit in regimented rows in their classroom, wearing uniforms and arm-bands, and the teacher will swat the blackboard with a horse-crop to draw their attention to the message written there:


And it will be as if this moment never existed.

Only one thing stands between us and that dystopian future: YOU.

This is Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain from Warren Correctional Institution at Lebanon, Ohio. If you’re listening, you are the resistance.


fLYER copy

2PM: Teach-in at Chapman Square
3PM: March to Prison Profiteers
6PM: Reconviene at Champman for a Noise Demo @ the Justice Center (across the street from Chapman Square)

On Friday, September 9th, people across Portland and Northwest will converge in Downtown Portland in solidarity with the US wide prison work strike against prison slavery and white supremacy. Our goal is a mass showing of support with the growing prison rebellion in the US and to also march on the corporations in the Downtown area that make massive profits off of prisoner enslavement.

Event is organized by the September 9th Coalition PDX: Comprising the All African People’s Revolutionary Party, Black Lives Matter Portland, Portland Anarchist Black Cross, Enlace, Portland Prison Divestment Coalition, Black Rose PDX, SURGE, Marilyn Buck Abolitionist Collective, Oregon Jericho, The Jericho Movement, Incarcerated Worker Organizing Committee, Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media and Education, American Friends Service Committee.

Slavery is legal in America. Written into the 13th Admendment, it is legal to work someone that is incarcerated for free or almost free. Since the civil war, tens of millions of people most arrested for non-violent offenses, have been used as slaves for the sake of generating massive profits for multi-national corporations and the US government. Today, prison labor is a multi-billion dollar industry which helps generate enormous weath for key industries such as fossil fuels, fast food, telecommunications, technology, the US military, and everyday house hold products.

The strike, which starts officially on September 9th, the 45th anniversary of the Attica Uprising, is historic. The strike is being led by groups such as the Free Alabama Movement, Free Texas Movement, Free Ohio Movement, Free Virginia Movement, Free Mississippi Movement, and many more. Prisoners have asked that supporters hold noise demonstrations outside jails and prisons, protest, disrupt, and demonstrate outside of corporations that profit from prison labor, and also support the strike that is happening across the US.

This is not just a prison strike for better wages or conditions, it is a strike against white supremacy itself.

Bring banners, signs, noise makers, friends, co-workers, neighbors, family members, and more! Gather at Chapmand Square ( SW 4th and Main), 2pm. From there we will march to prison profiteer in Portland and end back at Chapman Square for a Noize Demonstration at the “Justice Center” where we will send our sounds of love and solidarity to all those trapped in the white supremacist state’s cages.

Also, be sure to join us for an informational session on August 25th. See more info on that here: https://www.facebook.com/events/610693729109910/


Contact September 9th Coalition PDX:


More info:

Strike Against Prison Slavery: https://itsgoingdown.org/strike-against-white-supremacy/

Let the Crops Rot in the Field: http://insurgenttheatre.org/theory/letthecropsrot.pdf

Incarcerated Workers Take the Lead: http://unityandstruggle.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/IWOC_pamphlet_print-1.pdf

End Prison Slavery: https://supportprisonerresistance.noblogs.org/post/2015/07/19/end-prison-slavery-zine/


Portland Banner Drop in Solidarity with Waupun Prison Hunger Strikers


Portland answered the call for solidarity with Waupun prison hunger strikers made by Milwaukie IWOC in Wisconsin. This small act of solidarity was done to protest the ongoing force feeding of Cesar Deleon to protest and demand the end of poor conditions in the facility.

According to Support Prison Resistance

Cesar DeLeon is a member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) a militant labor union whose slogan is “An Injury to One is an Injury to All”. Cesar and LaRon have had tubes shoved down their noses to force bottles of ensure into their stomachs well over 100 times at this point. For a while, the staff doctor had advised that feeding three times a day was excessive, and changed the practice to once every couple of days, so we’re not clear on the actual number of
tube feedings.

Admitting that tube feeding three times a day is excessive is the closest DOC staff has come to approaching the ethical position of the global medical community on force feeding, which is: force feeding should never be done, it is dangerous and unethical. See this article for more information and the force feeding positions of the American Medical Association, The Red Cross, the World Medical Association and the United Nations. From the sound of Cesar’s latest letter, the DOC has overruled the doctor’s admission and resumed tube feeding three times a day. This is absolutely not medically necessary, and it never was, the only possible motivation for the tube feeding is to inflict pain on the prisoners to coerce them into giving up their protest. That is the dictionary definition of torture.

Cesar DeLeon, from WI DOC video
Cesar DeLeon, from WI DOC video

Cesar’s letter goes on: “Guards and nurses want to see this end. They claim to be short on staff and we are jamming them up even though is only two of us. They’re so desperate that they offered to let us drink the fluids on our own rather than tube-feeding it to us because if we take it voluntarily they don’t have to record it, have supervisors present, do vitals, and so forth. But we decline their offer.”

The DOC got approval from Dodge County Circuit Court Judges Brian Pfitzinger, and Steven Bauer to torture their captives like this for another six months. Nurse Ann Slinger and Dr Jeffery Manlodt testified on behalf of the DOC in Cesar’s hearing. Their practices are a clear violation of medical ethics, including the Hippocratic oath to “do no harm” but as employees of the DOC, medical ethics must not concern them.

The DOC is also allowing notorious sadist guard Joseph Beahm to assist in the medical procedures. In the video of Cesar’s tube feeding from June 20 Beahm attempts to assault Cesar. What you see in the video is a nurse inserting a tube in Cesar’s right nostril while Beahm holds a
plastic cup and straw to his mouth. By drinking water while the tube is being inserted, Cesar reduces the chance that the tube will tear his esophagus, or enter his trachea and fill his lungs with liquid nutrition, rather than his stomach.

What you don’t see in the video is Joseph Beahm pulling the cup of water away at the vital moment. You see Cesar react, asking “why did you do that?” and then insist that another medical
professional replace Beahm, but you don’t really see why, because according to Cesar, the video was altered. There is a momentary skip in the video at that 5:05, evidence of tampering to conceal Beahm’s movement (if you look at the movement of the guard behind Cesar’s chair, the cut
is easier to see). State’s attorney Gloria Thomas for the DOC requested that the court not release the video to the public, but in a rare example of not doing whatever the DOC asked of him, Judge Steven Bauer ordered the video be released. We are trying to get it investigated for tampering.

Other prisoners have participated in the Dying to Live hunger strike, and also gone on parallel
hunger strikes
with less ambitious demands, but repression and force feedings have often been effective at shutting down protests. Cesar and LaRon report that their noses have been broken or bloodied repeatedly during the procedure. Uhuru Mutawakkil, another hunger strike leader resumed eating after the first force feeding, and has focused on suing the DOC over the practice helping draft policy recommendations to end Administrative Confinement. Joshua Scolman, who has a deviated septum, was hospitalized after the DOC broke a blood vessel in his face trying to force the tube down his nose.

When Ronald Lang received the court order authorizing force feeding he refused. He said he would fight them, that they would have to beat him unconscious before he would let them put the tube down his nose. The DOC offered to let him take ensure by mouth instead, which he accepted. Now he is moved from his solitary cell to a cage for 30 minutes once a day to drink three cans of ensure and an equal amount of water. When the DOC offered Cesar and LaRon a similar deal their response was: We are on a food refusal strike. We ain’t taking anything voluntarily until we accomplish our objective, which is to put a one year cap on the use ofadministration confinement (long term solitary confinement).”

The DOC has been silent on the issue. Call in campaigns, questions from journalists, family members, angry crowds, and even elected officials have all been referred to DOC public relations officer Tristan Cook, who only says “we are aware and monitoring the situation.” The two times we’ve confronted him in person, he repeats that or other dodges for about three questions, then turns around and walks away in response to a fourth.

Meanwhile, mainstream media coverage still repeats the misleading public statements from the DOC that they have limited solitary confinement to 90 days. This is blatantly false information. In actuality, solitary confinement in the DOC is indefinite. LaRon McKinley has been in solitary for over two decades. What the DOC calls “Restrictive Confinement” was recently limited to ninety days, but “Administrative Confinement” currently has no cap. Any other differences between the two seem to be mostly semantic.

Milwaukee IWOC’s support efforts have included robust collaboration and coalition building with
other statewide groups, the Forum For Understanding Prisoners (FFUP), ExPrisoners Organizing, The WISDOM Network, and Prison Action Milwaukee (PAM) have all endorsed and supported the protest. We’ve gotten liberal lawmakers to call in and do wellness checks, to visit Cesar DeLeon, and to begin the process of introducing legislation. None of these moves have produced substantive results, and we cannot endure the thought that Cesar and LaRon will continue to suffer force feedings and assaults by staff for the months or years that it would take to reform the system by litigation or legislation.

Hunger strikes are not easy. They hurt like hell and they can even damage your organs. And that is what everyone is scared of…I don’t blamethem. No one wants to be the sacrificial lamb, but sometimes you have to think of others as well. Che Guevara live his life based upon three principles, “Social Awareness,” “Personal Example,” and “Self-Sacrifice,” and I too now have chosen to live mine with those principles. I hope others will follow.” – Cesar DeLeon

How to get involved?


If you are in Milwaukee, meet us at the Upark lot on Humbolt just north of Capitol at one PM. We will provide transport to Waupun from there and be back in town by 6PM. If you are elsewhere in Wisconsin or have questions contact  iww.milwaukee@gmail.com for more information.

If you are outside of Wisconsin, or can’t take action with your body on Aug 13 here are some

Call DOC officials.

Begin calling today, but make sure you call on the weekend of August 13. Do not let people refer you to Tristan Cook, insist on leaving a message for the person in question. We want their  voicemail boxes to be overflowing Monday morning, and Tristan Cook’s entire job appears to consist of turning his back on public inquiries.

-call WCI, ask to speak to Warden Brian Foster. Demand that Foster cease the force feedings, that he encourage the DOC to meet the prisoner’s demands, and that he fire sadist guard Joseph Beahm. Contact Brian Foster here: (920) 324-5571

-call DOC Secretary Jon Litscher and demand that he end the practices of force feeding protesting prisoners, that he cap administrative confinement at one year, and that he fire sadist guard Joseph Beahm. Contact Litscher here: 608-240-5000 and docweb@wi.gov

-call Green Bay CI Warden Scott Ekstein and demand that he meet and negotiate with hunger strikers Howard Brown and Devon Armor and that he fire sadist guard Captain Schultz. Contact Ekstein here: (920) 432-4877 and read more about the heartbreaking situation in Green Bay here.

Spread the word

Share this article, or the articles linked within it. Tell journalists, friends, family, anyone about what is going on in Wisconsin. Get off the internet and hold solidarity rallies, flyer outings, banner drops or other actions wherever you are. Make 50 days of force feeding, endless solitary torture and the absence of accountability in the WI DOC a nation-wide conversation.

If you are in Wisconsin, call lawmakers on the oversight committees and ask them to do more to pressure the DOC into resolving the situation. Let them know where you live in Wisconsin, also feel free to contact your own representatives.

-Senate Justice and Public Safety Committee Chair Van Wangaard (R -Racine) 608-266-1832. Sympathetic committee member: Lena Taylor (D – Milwaukee) 608-266-5810.

– Assembly Committee on Corrections Chair Rob Hutton (R – Brookfield) 608-267-9836 Sympathetic committee members: Mandela Barnes (D – Milwaukee) (608) 266-3756 David
Bowen (D – Milwaukee) 608-266-7671

Write to the prisoners

Here is a list of everyone we know of who has participated in or told us about the recent hunger strike activities in Wisconsin. Milwaukee IWOC stands in solidarity with all prisoners resisting the torture of solitary confinement, regardless of what form their protest takes, or how many days it lasts. The more mail these prisoners get, the more encouragement they and others will have to stand up to the guards.

Also, staff who sort and read the mail will see your letter as sign that these prisoners are supported. The mailroom staff are also censors, and in Wisconsin, the censors are very aggressive. If you mention a protest, use the words hunger strike, or otherwise acknowledge the reality of resistance against the DOC’s torture program, the mail will likely be (illegally) blocked by the DOC, because this institution is like a petulant child who shoves their fingers in their ears to block out truths they don’t want to admit. We need to raise the volume of that truth telling until they can block it out no longer.

On Non-violence, Part 1

Source: Anarchy Live


Every time you see some major action being planned by prisoners, they always state that it is a “peaceful” and “non-violent” action.

I think this is because a lot of Black prisoners who are basically behind a majority of these actions come from an Islamic/Black cultural nationalist background and it seems as if they look at the Civil Rights Movement as a model and frame of reference as opposed to the Black Liberation Movement, to which most claim to be heirs. They think it’s safer and can get more participation and good propaganda to induce those who adamantly oppose violence to get on board.

I bring this up because a few ‘rades on the outside has brought it up recently and it’s constantly being debated by prisoners at Holman. It’s a debate that will keep rearing its head.

Martin L. King, Jr. wasn’t assassinated because he promoted or practiced violence. Personally, as an insurrectionist, I don’t hold the notion that peaceful protest/non-violence should be used as a strategy and/or tactic at all times, in all places. This is not about a diversity in strategy and tactics. This is about some people, so-called anarchists and other anti-prison activists, and even some prisoner activists, not giving support or solidarity, and attempting to impose their views and practice on those of us on the inside who question the insistence on “non-violence.” Let’s call it what it is: pacifism, and it’s anathema to anarchy.

The prisoners who support F.A.M. are not all stuck on “peaceful protest,” “non-violence,” even though it’s prominently displayed on F.A.M.’s website masthead and in F.A.M. literature. These guys are far from being pacifist.

The point is that if your solidarity and support is predicated on prisoners being “non-violent,” we don’t want or need it, because you are trying to control us.

I struggle within F.A.M. not because I believe in the system, but because it causes pain to the state, but in no way do I think F.A.M. or any of the Freedom movements are going to topple the state.

“Violence is only justifiable when it’s necessary to defend oneself and others against violence […] The slave is always in a state of legitimate self-defense and so his violence against the boss, against the oppressor, is always morally justifiable and should only be adjusted by the criterion of utility and economy of human effort and human suffering.” – Errico Malatesta