Get to Know Your Enemy: An Anarchist Prisoner Response to Sept. 9th

In Response to “Fighting the Real Enemy” by SOSO :an Article in the Under Lock and Key (a widely distributed publication in prisons) by the Maoist Internationalist Movement.

Dear Editor at MIM..

Good fellow, i’m sending an open response to SOSO’s article in the last issue of Under Lock and Key (#50). This response should answer most of the questions you had of me in your letter. Which I appreciate- Thank you for taking the time to address these issues.

Look man, im just gonna cut through all the bullshit right here. I do agree with your theory on the global proletariat. I understand the dynamics and implications of globalized captialism, captialist imperialism, etc and in your scientifically precise analysis I can really find no flaw.

But to be frank, I don’t really give a shit. I’m more of a Bakuninist than Marxist. And as Bakunin said, sometimes we just have to throw theory into the fire, for it only stalls life.
Beyond that, society is a living organism that is much more dynamic than a simple, cold, scientiffic process. More times than not, I think, our science is mostly just a means to intellectualize the natural currents arizing from emotionally grounded positions.

What we have here is a huge social base, across prison walls, that is extremely pissed off. And we have an opportunity to harness that anger and point it at our enemy on September 9th, thats all the analysis I need. and I say that if you oppose this in any way, you’re nothing but a house slave ready to defend your master. your complicit and should be among the first to be taken to task.

Don’t get me wrong, I dig your thing for the most part. I learn a lot from you. I just think you are trapped in academics and have lost connection to the pracical experiences necissary to keep academia matterially relevant.

To answer your question, what IWOC/ABC does that MIM does not, is a few things. For one, we allow the human aspect of our people to shine through the theory. For two, our theory is based in action. Your theory is based in theory. Personally I find theory/analysis for its own sake boring and I don’t have the patience for it.

Im an anarchist. More, a nihilist. You don’t have to worry about protectinism with folks like me at the helm. In the words of Bakunin, the true revolutionist is concerned with the science of destruction. Let the other sciences be the work of future generations. Once we’re done with the prisons we’ll begin tearing down other authoritative institutions. Maybe you all can come down and help us out or something some day! Peace!


As a member of the organization pushing the mass prisoner work-stoppage beginning September 9th, and of one of the anarchist betworks laying the groundwork, and being familiar with MIM (prisons), after some certain correspondences, I’m inclined to offer this public response.

First, we are not calling for a work-strike. A strike by definition is temporary until resolutions are reached between slave and master so that we will continue the process of being exploited. We are not organizing a simple strike. We are going to stop working. Period. Some groups and individuals may, at some point start working again, but a lot of us, including myself. Will not.

Second, it should be clear that UFPP is not the only organization, group, network, or individual which has been building praxis around September for several years, and we believe that recognition, credit and support should be given to all of those groups and individuals- including UFPP and USW — whether we necessarily agree with their political line or not.

Third, our call for a work-stoppage is not merely in “recognition of growing protests in prison” as SOS claims. Recognition comes from an observational perspective, not from a participants’ and those making this call have been the same who’ve been making those protests happen to begin with. This choice of word-usage by SOSO might be seen as a subtle attempt to undermine the work a lot of us have been doing. Personally I’ve spent several years in solitary confinement as a result of my own participation in prison resistance, and in September I’ll likely be going back, so maybe you should be the one to “recognize” SOSO.

Fourth, I find a head scratching contradiction in your article. IN paragraph #5 you say: “we do see power in the ability of prisoners to shut down facilities by not doing the work to keep them running for a potentially longer period”. But then in paragraph #10 you say “the organizers of the anti-slavery protest are misleading people into believing that shutting down prison work will shut down prisons”.

There’s an obvious contradiction in your statements. The problem here is that your first claim is translatable from theory into practice, which is to say it is action-oriented theory. Your second claim is based in academic-oriented theory, which is to say although it may be theoretically correct according to communist analyses. It fails when put into practical context. What we have here then, is the tired old problem of academic elitism and the hegemonic conception of intellectuals as figures who raise the consciousness of everyone else. Your theories are based in over-analytical hyperintellectual abstractions. Ours are based in practical modes of agitation.
Fifth our mass work-stoppage organizers issued a statement saying “… the entire structure of courts and police, of control and slave-catching must shift to accommodate us as humans rather than slaves”. You say this is “not true and ignores the economic reality of prisons”. I’ll grant you that the definition and analyses on “slavery” may be contestable depending on which of several definitions one chooses. (Webster’s New World Says “one dominated by some influence”, and that’s good enough for me. But we’re more concerned with the result. Which, as the call to action states, is that the structures “must shift to accommodate us as humans rather than …” put whatever word you like here. You say our claim is “not true”. Then in paragraph #10 you offer some vague and murky guarantee that “Amerika would figure out how to keep” us locked up.

First of all comrade, you are not qualified to offer guarantees on Amerikas behalf. Second of all, I’d ask on what dialectical evidence you base your theory that america would “figure out” how to keep us locked up. We maintain our statement that the carceral structure would be forced to shift to accommodate us. In your analysis, we’d ask you to stay planted in theory, and not stray into hypotheticals.

Sixth, I find this point of contention unnecessary to begin with. But you say we bring our work stoppage to the level of a political line question. This is false. I don’t care what your line is, nor does anyone else I work closely with on this project. Beyond small friendly jabs at eachother, nothing I’ve seen or read, or heard from anyone in this campaign suggests anyone cares much about line. We’ve got everyone from BPP members to anarcho-nihilists like myself, to euro-centric prison gangs, to regular folks keeping this campaign in motion. In some strange display of Orwellian logic you accuse us of making it a line question just before you launch into this big offensive rant about line. Honestly homie, I don’t think any of us care about your line. We just want to know if you’re down to help us shut this shit down. From experience, it seems you are not, which may explain why none of our outside advocates have pursued a dialog with you. You have made it a line question, not us.

Which brings me to point seven. I’m shocked that UFPP, USW and my route, MIM, have only learned about this call to action against slavery just recently. I personally sent a letter to MIM (Prisons) on November 9th, 2015 specifically related to our work-stoppage campaign. My records show a letter sent also in october 2015 to a specific individual at MIM mentioning the same. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one involved in this campaign who also works with MIM and I find it very unlikely that I’m the only one who’s attempted to reach out to MIM on this topic. Yet, if that is the case, I would venture to say your lack of awareness must be due to the exclusive elitist nature of MIM’s purely academic hegemonizing conception of political line. In other words, you’ve placed your pedestal so high that, you must not be able to see what’s going on on the ground with your head in the clouds. Figuratively speaking.

Which, on to the eighth point, makes me suspicious when you say you’d hope to work with us to broaden our movement. You spell united front with capital ‘U’ and ‘F’ which is what MIM calls one of its programs, short for UFPP, and as OFPP makes specific ideological demands for any entity it is willing to work with, I’m led to believe that what you truly mean by “work with” is to “co-opt”. My suspicion is further supported by the fact that you refuse to even mention the names of these other revolutionary organizations so that your readers can reach out and seek information on their own. Another display of elitist hegemonization of line.

On the other hand. Our publications such as The Oregon Prisoner Forum by the PDX ABC and ABC Oregon Prison Chapter are inclusive to all people from all angles of the political spectrum fully with contact info for other groups and individuals involved so that all comers are offered a truly dialectical examination of all points and sides. Im sure we’d actually like to see MIM’s presence. I know I would. In fact my first couple of correspondences with MIM on this topic were requests for support.

In closing, let me clarify that dialectical soundness can often depend on interpretation. You all use orthodox marxist definitions of “slavery” even though we live in a post-modern, post-fordist time and place. The dynamics of our current reality are different. And so we must also re-assess our definitions. Besides, though personally I use marxist formulas I’m ultimately a nihilist, un-beholden to an particular ideological parameters. In other words. My definition of “slavery” is reflected by our material conditions, not political agenda. defines “slavery” partly as “involuntary subjection to another”…”complete ownership and control by a master”. Marx’s purely economic definition, this is only one form of slavery. Not slaver in whole.

What’s more is that slavery is explicitly preserved for prisoners in the constitution in the 13th Amendment which specifically says slavery shall exist where one has been convicted of a crime. This may not arguably be your so-called “primary” contradiction but it is unarguably a clearly definable structural contradiction. I would argue that it just might be our primary contradiction given significance of the dialectical realities surrounding the P.I.C. combined with our abilities to exploit those realities.

Personally, my friend, I don’t care what you call it. Slavery or otherwize. You choose to over-complicate your definition in order to discredit our own. That’s fine, I don’t care. What it all comes down to for me and most of those I associate with is this: In September we’re going to stop working. Very simply, we’re not going to pro-actively participate in our own involuntary captivity anymore. We’re going to let the food rot. We’re going to flush sheets down our toilets. We’re not going to clean anymore. And as they attempt to accommodate us, we’ll file on the inhumane conditions we’re forced to live in. On september 9th we’re done being our own keepers, and anyone who tries to resist, subvert, discredit or even passively sit by as we wage this campaign, I would say is guilty of being counter-revolutionary.

And with that, let me close by wishing all of you loads of love and wellness. See you in September. Up the Struggle.

Zero, IWW member #x385678
Anarchist Black Cross Affiliate.

Introducing Anarchist Prisoner Joshua Cartrette AKA Zero

Joshua Cartrette (left) Patrick Morris (right)
Joshua Cartrette (left)
Patrick Morris (right)

Josh in his own words.

I don’t always agitate social contradictions. But when I do. I prefer Anarchy!

Sitting in solitary confinement one evening sipping elegantly from the cup of my own misery after several none to delightful bouts of violence with my kidnappers. I yielded to the realization that my tactics of resistance were quite flawed. I had been bashing my face against a stone wall my entire life. Not that I expected favorable results from doing so. But more out of unbridled rage.

Ive spent probably at least 8 to 10 years. cumulatively in solitary confinemtn. Beginning at the age of 12. Yes, A twelve year old in solitary confiment. And though I do abhor the practice which catapults people into suicide and insantity. I am greatful that I was able to use those vast black silences in my own faqvor. The paradox is that the time spent inside those boxes allowed me to attain the psychological tools to destroy them.

Earlier in my politicar carreer, I’d become deeply involved in the white supremacist crowd. And I was very good at it for a very long itme. But through a series of events and personal struggles and developments, I am glad to say that I’ve walked through those and several other fires, to come out the other side as who I am today.

Even very objective analysis of my subjective circumstances thave revelated to me a few things. One. That I am not soley responsible from my station in society, but that I am one casualty of a corrupt system which is specifically designed to perpetuate the victimization of all living things. Two, that as a which supremacist. I was not only complicity in that vicitimization, but that I was direct proponent of the apparatus which carries out those tasks. Three, that therefore I was in turn victimizing myself as a result. Finally in this analysis, because I’ve been an unwilling, unknowing casualty in this system, I came to the logical conclusion that since the first halfy of my life has been ripped from my fists, the last half would be best spent destroying that system so that it can no longer create vicitims and monsters out of OUR youth.

So I paroled back to the streets from an isolation cell a twentry dollar debit card and a sack of condoms in 2007. Within a couple months I’d rejected all ties to the white power movement. Which cost me my job, my friends… alof of things. And I’d spen the next 4 or so years combatting a lot of the seeds I’d planted previously. Re-arrested for an assault, the circumstances of which are somewhat realted to the circumstances of my politics. And 5 years into a 9 year sencance, like than as now, I am still favored target by those I once considered my friends and comrades. It is simultaneously validating and saddening.

FOr the past 5 years of this current prison set. I’ve been strictly focused on building networks of revolutionary minded folks. A canopy of webbed communication over the barriers between prisoners in the Oregon Prison System; and de-activiating white supremacists and trying to re-route their political energies into positive revolutionary channels.

In this environment, my role is educator, organizer, advocate of those who have trouble advocating for themselves, and general bully-slayer.

For the past 3 years or so. From the time of this writing, I’ve been tenaciously pursuing a means to creat a publication designed for and by Oregon Prisoners. To facilitate with building revolutionary networks inside th eprison system that will directly intersect with the greater revolutionary body in general society. And to incite a dialectical exhcnage between prisoners from different ideological cantages so that we can break down divisisve social contradictions and build on commonalities to creat a unified social foce that will, ideally, maintain sustainability within the walls. As well as be firmly interconnected to the greater revolutionary body and it’s respective cells withing our regions and locales. After a few failed starts, at the time of this writing we’re seeing a fruition of this vision.

Coinciding with this, is the development of the Anarchist Black Cross Prison Chapter, which is designed with very specific objectives and structure respecting the particular dynamics of the Oregon Pirosn System.

As prisoners who have nothing we have nothing to lose. As someone who’s never had anything. I have no interest in maintaining anything.

With-at the time of this writing- four years left on my sentence and plans to further stabilize our agenda here I personally am at the point where I would greatly appreciate some moral support aht might not have to center solely around political work. But also wlways seeking political material and material support as well.

I leave now with wishes of well health and spirit to all.

in ultimate love and solidarity.

“anarchy is not the absence of power, it is the absence of force; it is the free outflowing of the spirit into the forms in which it delights. And in such forms alone, as they grow and change. Can it find expression which is not also bondage”

-G. Lowes Dickson (1862-1932)

Joshua (Zero) Cartrette #12225965
3920 East Ashwood Road
Madras, Oregon 97741

ALERT! Call to Defend Hasan Now!


Siddique Abdullah Hasan, of the Free Ohio Movement has been transferred to the hole and denied access to communication and property.

Please call OSP immediately and daily 330-743-0700 until they release him.

Ask to speak to the warden and demand that Hasan be allowed back into his regular cell and regain access to his property. The person they connect you to may pretend they only know Hasan by the name Carlos Sanders, even though his name was legally changed to Siddique Abdullah Hasan decades ago. His prison number is R130-559.

Hasan is one of the few public spokespeople for the national protest that will start on September 9 of this year. Last week he was visited by law enforcement who inaccurately described Sep 9 as a plot to harm people and blow up buildings.

It is important that we stand up to repression and terror-baiting as soon as it rears it’s head. Please call the prison and share this alert as widely as possible.

Thank you.

Michael Kimble in seg after Holman riot

Continuous Rebellion


At the moment I’m writing from segregation (lockup) after being stripped, handcuffed, slapped, and placed here by the CERT (riot squad) on Monday, August 1, 2016 at approximately 11:45 pm. It’s now Wednesday and I haven’t been given my personal property (shoes/slides, soap, deodorant, clothes, toothbrush, etc.) nor have I received a 72 hour investigation notice as to why I’m being held in segregation.

I’m assuming that I’m being held for being involved in a rebellion (riot) that popped off on August 1, 2016 at around 3:06 pm. Initially there was a fight between prisoners, but escalated into a rebellion against the guards when they tried to intervene after being told numerous times that things were under control.

The guards didn’t listen and was chased out of C-dorm, which has become a space of self-governance and resistance against prison officials. Fires were set, control units taken.

I’m one of about ten prisoners who was also placed in segregation.

So, if you don’t hear from me personally, it means that all my property, including letters, addresses, phone numbers, have been destroyed or lost. I’ve had to borrow writing materials to get this out.

-Michael Kimble



compfront (1)

This years compilation tape is now available! All proceeds go towards supporting our efforts to support prison rebels!

Track list.

1. Recessions- Fossils

2. Spetsnaz- Severhumanismo

3. Dispossessed – The Law

4. Satanarchist – Rise of the Morning Star…. Farm Patties

5. Vastation- From the Womb to the Tomb

6. Dead Cult – Desolate (previously unreleased)

7. Nuk-le-ar Blast Suntan – Complacent Living

8. Dodlage – Life in a Cage

9. The Siege Fire – The Bite of the Beaten Dogs

The Oregon Prisoner Forum VOL.2


Check out the latest issue of the Oregon Prison Forum. This issue discusses themes of prison struggle, unity and critically investigates rehabilitation.

The Portland Anarchist Black Cross facilitates a publication by and for prisoners titled The Oregon Prisoner Forum newsletter. This projected is facilitated by the PDX ABC and features art, poetry and perspectives from prisoners and their supporters from across the state. The project intends to elevate the voices of incarcerated people from the region to shake the foundations of the prison society, bring radical voices from the inside and out together and demonstrate our common struggle for liberation! Print and readable PDF’s are available for download at the links below.


Introducing the ABC-Oregon Prison Chapter, and Our Work.

Since the first conception of the Anarchist Black Cross one of our central points of focus has been on supporting political prisoners and the abolition of the prison system itself.
Many unfamiliar with our work will ask some basic questions: do we really believe its possible to destroy the prison system? How could we expect to achieve something like this? And if no prisons, then what would we replace it with as a form of social control?
These questions are usually followed by half-formed arguments that, not only would it be impossible to annihilate the prison apparatus, but that mass incarceration is necessary to keep our society safe.
Not only do we disagree, but our conclusions, as well as our work, are based in in-depth historical and social analyses. Following the sequence of historical developments and our current social realities we conclude that not only is the destruction of our hostile and abusive prison system possible but that it is inevitable and necessary.
In fact, even now, through a constant process of revolutionary struggle, we see the methodical breakdown of this obsolete, inhuman, counte social institution. Often prisons and prisoners are hidden away from society and placed in far away rural towns, invisibalizing the struggle of those held captive. Its abolition will not happen in an immediate flick of a switch. But a broader analysis shows us that a vast change in our social chemistry is taking place. And that carceral system is crumbling on this wave. So is it possible to destroy systematic Incarceration? Yes it is.
But these things don’t happen on their own. We live in a very dynamic society which has many moving parts. Like a car engine, the function of one part will effect the rest of that entire engine. Something as minor as a spark plug, a fuel hose, a struck valve, can disable the entire machine and this, as revolutionaries is our work. And it is through the constant application of our work that we do, in fact see a massive transformation of our social, political and economic realities: including the crumbling of the prison systems.
These changes take place, sometimes very slowly. Always against the odds. But never stopping. We revolutionaries are the sole agents of social change. We are vastly outnumbered by our oppressive adversarial forces and those of our class peers who sit on the sidelines and do nothing to assist. Yet still, through a strong commitment to unify and apply revolutionary methodology , we continue to gain ground. Just think of how much more, and faster we could move if all of us worked for these revolutionary ends.
The Anarchist Black Cross works from the premise that not only is the prison system unnecessary, but that it is in fact one of the primary causes of social unrest and conflict. The prison system does not “cure” the problems we may have as a society. It only reinforces those problems through a violent, hostile, corrupt, ignorant application of authority.
We in the ABC put forth the fact that our problems can only be resolved by the body of people who they effect, and not by an aggressive army of armed thugs who claim our rights as their own to control.
We realize that to those unfamiliar with the exploration of these ideas there is a lot of skepticism. In fact many of our most zealous comrades began as critics who lacked a full understanding of these concepts. But we believe that through thorough debate and analyses of all opposing angles and view-points of the working class, including us prisoners, the synthesis of facts and ideas will emerge in favor of revolutionary modes, methods, principles and strategies.
This is why we feel completely confident to kick open this door, welcoming all criticisms, all questions , all opposing view points, all debates, and consideration of all ideas for, and against our positions.
Prisoner support and prison abolition are only a couple elements of the greater revolutionary movement. I’m often asked by antagonists why, if I want to create revolution, I don’t try to blow up the White House or snipe some politician or something.
What people fail to realize is that the White House is simply a house. A politician is simply a politician. Doing either of these things would achieve nothing in the way of reshaping the dynamics of our socio-economic realities. Houses can be re-built. Politicians are expendable talking-heads, nothing more. Besides, as history shows, acts of direct violence and terrorist demolition only serve in counter-productive ways to justify state campaigns to further repress its people. Us.
Another thing people fail to realize is that revolution is not simply some “event” that just happens at will. Revolution is a grueling, protracted struggle between social forces. A constant check and balance between progression and reaction. We, of the working class, must take it upon ourselves to be the agents of progression, because the state is poised in arms to quell any attempt by us to claim our own liberties for ourselves.
Revolution is a Constant struggle between social forces. And as our society is made up of several interacting elements on several different levels, revolutionary agencies must exist in all of those different facets on all of those levels.
ABC-OPC is focused on the social institution call the Prison Industrial Complex. More specifically, as those directly related to the Oregon situation., we target the Oregon System on behalf of the greater revolutionary movement.
At this time, our work focuses on three main points of interest

1. to build social and political awareness among our peers and comrades in the Oregon Prison System with the ultimate goal of politicizing our entire prison population.

2. To create and maintain a cohesive organizational structure that incorporates all social sub-groups within our class with the sole purpose of gaining a firmer grip on the rights and liberties which have been ripped from our hands.

3. To build and solidify networks with outside cells and supporters so that we can play a bigger role in the greater revolutionary movement and to build stable footings for revolutionaries releasing back into the greater body of our society.

We realize this might sound like a tall order. But we’re confident that these goals will be met and expanded. The first step is getting involved. Write us and ask how you can help. After all, you have nothing to lose but your chains.

By: Anonymous Oregon Prisoner

Freedom Fighter of the Month: Christopher Monfort.


Christopher Monfort has recently been moved to isolation and has been experiencing some health issues as of late. As such Christopher is in dire need of support this month to raise his spirits and let prison officials know that folks are keeping tabs.

Christopher J. Monfort 385259
Washington State Penitentiary
1313 N 13th Ave
Walla Walla, WA 99362

Monfort is accused of waging a one-man war against the Seattle police in the fall of 2009.

On October 22, 2009, police vehicles parked in a vehicle maintenance yard in Seattle were firebombed. Several vehicles were destroyed and many damaged in the action. A communique was issued days later tying the incident to the beating of a young girl held in custody by Seattle Police.

On October 31, 2009, Seattle police officer Timothy Brenton was killed and his partner, Britt Sweeney wounded. According to the Seattle police Brenton was sitting in the passenger seat of a patrol car with Sweeney discussing a just completed traffic stop near the corner of 29th Avenue and East Yesler Way when a vehicle pulled alongside the patrol car and an occupant opened fire. Officer Brenton was killed instantly. Sweeney was grazed in the back by one shot. She was able to get out of the patrol car, return fire several times at the fleeing vehicle, and call for additional units.

During the investigation, detectives and officers linked Monfort’s car to the crime, and attempted to arrest Monfort at his apartment. When officers arrived, Monfort is alleged to have pulled a gun and opened fire. Monfort was shot by police and is now paralyzed as a result.

Since the start of court proceedings, Monfort has been very outspoken about the role of police and has consistently called on other people in the United States to confront police terror in their communities and use armed tactics to do so if necessary.

Monfort was sentenced to life in prison for murder and attempted murder.

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Announcing The Oregon Prisoner Forum: A New Publication for Prisoner Voices


Today the Portland Anarchist Black Cross is announcing The Oregon Prisoner Forum newsletter. This projected is facilitated by the PDX ABC and features art, poetry and perspectives from prisoners and their supporters from across the state. The project intends to elevate the voices of incarcerated people from the region to shake the foundations of the prison society, bring radical voices from the inside and out together and demonstrate our common struggle for liberation! Print and readable PDF’s are available for download at the links below.


TOPF Print