Introducing Anarchist Prisoner Joshua Cartrette AKA Zero

Joshua Cartrette (left) Patrick Morris (right)

Joshua Cartrette (left)
Patrick Morris (right)

Josh in his own words.

I don’t always agitate social contradictions. But when I do. I prefer Anarchy!

Sitting in solitary confinement one evening sipping elegantly from the cup of my own misery after several none to delightful bouts of violence with my kidnappers. I yielded to the realization that my tactics of resistance were quite flawed. I had been bashing my face against a stone wall my entire life. Not that I expected favorable results from doing so. But more out of unbridled rage.

Ive spent probably at least 8 to 10 years. cumulatively in solitary confinemtn. Beginning at the age of 12. Yes, A twelve year old in solitary confiment. And though I do abhor the practice which catapults people into suicide and insantity. I am greatful that I was able to use those vast black silences in my own faqvor. The paradox is that the time spent inside those boxes allowed me to attain the psychological tools to destroy them.

Earlier in my politicar carreer, I’d become deeply involved in the white supremacist crowd. And I was very good at it for a very long itme. But through a series of events and personal struggles and developments, I am glad to say that I’ve walked through those and several other fires, to come out the other side as who I am today.

Even very objective analysis of my subjective circumstances thave revelated to me a few things. One. That I am not soley responsible from my station in society, but that I am one casualty of a corrupt system which is specifically designed to perpetuate the victimization of all living things. Two, that as a which supremacist. I was not only complicity in that vicitimization, but that I was direct proponent of the apparatus which carries out those tasks. Three, that therefore I was in turn victimizing myself as a result. Finally in this analysis, because I’ve been an unwilling, unknowing casualty in this system, I came to the logical conclusion that since the first halfy of my life has been ripped from my fists, the last half would be best spent destroying that system so that it can no longer create vicitims and monsters out of OUR youth.

So I paroled back to the streets from an isolation cell a twentry dollar debit card and a sack of condoms in 2007. Within a couple months I’d rejected all ties to the white power movement. Which cost me my job, my friends… alof of things. And I’d spen the next 4 or so years combatting a lot of the seeds I’d planted previously. Re-arrested for an assault, the circumstances of which are somewhat realted to the circumstances of my politics. And 5 years into a 9 year sencance, like than as now, I am still favored target by those I once considered my friends and comrades. It is simultaneously validating and saddening.

FOr the past 5 years of this current prison set. I’ve been strictly focused on building networks of revolutionary minded folks. A canopy of webbed communication over the barriers between prisoners in the Oregon Prison System; and de-activiating white supremacists and trying to re-route their political energies into positive revolutionary channels.

In this environment, my role is educator, organizer, advocate of those who have trouble advocating for themselves, and general bully-slayer.

For the past 3 years or so. From the time of this writing, I’ve been tenaciously pursuing a means to creat a publication designed for and by Oregon Prisoners. To facilitate with building revolutionary networks inside th eprison system that will directly intersect with the greater revolutionary body in general society. And to incite a dialectical exhcnage between prisoners from different ideological cantages so that we can break down divisisve social contradictions and build on commonalities to creat a unified social foce that will, ideally, maintain sustainability within the walls. As well as be firmly interconnected to the greater revolutionary body and it’s respective cells withing our regions and locales. After a few failed starts, at the time of this writing we’re seeing a fruition of this vision.

Coinciding with this, is the development of the Anarchist Black Cross Prison Chapter, which is designed with very specific objectives and structure respecting the particular dynamics of the Oregon Pirosn System.

As prisoners who have nothing we have nothing to lose. As someone who’s never had anything. I have no interest in maintaining anything.

With-at the time of this writing- four years left on my sentence and plans to further stabilize our agenda here I personally am at the point where I would greatly appreciate some moral support aht might not have to center solely around political work. But also wlways seeking political material and material support as well.

I leave now with wishes of well health and spirit to all.

in ultimate love and solidarity.

“anarchy is not the absence of power, it is the absence of force; it is the free outflowing of the spirit into the forms in which it delights. And in such forms alone, as they grow and change. Can it find expression which is not also bondage”

-G. Lowes Dickson (1862-1932)

Joshua (Zero) Cartrette #12225965
3920 East Ashwood Road
Madras, Oregon 97741

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