Ed Poindexter

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Aug 26, 2015

Ed is one of the Nebraska 2 who were charged and convicted of the murder of Omaha Police Officer Larry Minard. Minard died when a suitcase containing dynamite exploded in a North Omaha home on August 17, 1970. Officer John Tess was also injured in the explosion.

Poindexter and Rice were members of the Black Panther Party, and their case was, and continues to be, controversial. The Omaha Police withheld exculpatory evidence at trial. The two men had been targeted by the FBI’s COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program), which operated against and infiltrated anti-war and Civil Rights groups, including the Omaha Black Panthers. The US section of Amnesty International recognizes Rice and Poindexter as political prisoners. The state’s parole board have recommended the men for release, but political leaders have not acted on these recommendations.

Ed served in the U. S. Army in both Germany and Vietnam.



Associate of Arts degree from Southeast Community College, Lincoln Nebraska

Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Services from Metro State University, St. Paul, Minnesota. Poindexter maintained a straight A average while obtaining his degree.

Completed work on his M.A. from Goddard Graduate Program in Monpelier, Vermont.


Held positions of leadership in the Art Club, 111 Jaycees (president), and Harambee African Cultural Organization while at the Nebraska State Penitentiary.

Received the Antoniak Award for the Insight Program, Inc. for outstanding academic achievement.


Assisted in creating the production, Shakedown Blues, a musical drama.

Published two booklets, The Youth Survival Guides, motivational booklets for at-risk and troubled youths.

Received permission from the Minnesota Correctional System to form a small business to publish and sell The Youth Survival Guides.

Recorded Jammer from the Slammer, a rap tape promoting constructive problem-solving and self-motivation guides to complement The Youth Survival Guides.

Participated in Minnesota’s “Turn Off the Violence” Campaign by helping to organize the campaign and also performing rap numbers.

Requested to be the operator of the Juvenile Detention Bed Hotline Information Message Program. The studio produced works to support the “Turn Off the Violence” Campaign.

Teaches (and is currently writing a workbook for) a class at the Minnesota Correctional System on building self-esteem. This class is a part of the “Stop the Revolving Door Program”, a pre-release program for inmates with less than a year remaining inside the institution.

Teaches a men’s health class, including AIDS education.

Co-facilitates the teaching of four more classes: The History of Intolerance in America, Eyes on the Prize; The History of the Civil Rights Movement in America; Black History Month Subjects; and Music Education.

Developed a program for prisoners to discuss problems of men who batter women to promote an understanding of negative behavior patterns and encourage attitudinal and behavior changes.

Video taped and edited several motivational tapes.

Presented a proposal to the administration of the Minnesota Correctional System to open an audio recording studio in the Recreation Department. This is the fourth year that the studio has been in operation. Also, is currently in the process of editing a video-mentary on the audio recording studio.


Wednesday, November 1, 1944



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