Ky Peterson

Ky Peterson

Ky Peterson is a Black transman imprisoned for killing his rapist

Kenyota Peterson #100961001, Pulaski State Prison (E-6), P.O.Box 839, Hawkinsville, Ga. 31036

What NOT To Write: no profanity: no photos: no pornography or sexually explicit comments: no political statements like “fuck the system” or “down with the man” or “to hell with prisons” or “fuck the cops” or “we gonna bust you outta jail”: no explicit language around building a movement to get him out (he already knows this!): no empty pages or extra blank pages (no stamps or envelopes can be included but you can make a donation to make sure if Ky wants to write you back that he can. Writing you back costs him money): do not send direct questions about his case: do not send legal information: information about another person locked up in Pulaski (where Ky is) or another prison

What TO Write: always put a return address on the envelope or postcard (otherwise the prison will not give it to Ky): we love you :we are in solidarity with you: a story about how this is relevant to you: anything uplifting and supportive: drawings: poems: updates on current events and trans related info (things you think he may find interesting)

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