Support Our Work

The Portland ABC needs your support. We are raising funds to support some of our ongoing projects. Over the last 4 years we have organized countless prisoner letter writings, organized dozens of fundraisers for political prisoners, sent out hundreds of zines with our zine distro , assisted with the development of the ABC Oregon Prison chapter (one of the first ABC chapters ran by prisoners), developed a regular newsletter written by and for prisoners. organized direct action campaigns fighting homeless sweeps in the Portland area and eviction defenses in East Portland, we have also been deeply involved in organizing outside support work for the Sept.9th prisoner strike since the beginning of the campaign!

We have been funding all of our important work out of pocket for over 4 years in the Portland area.  In order to expand our efforts we are approaching the community for assistance.

What we are asking for funds for.

1) We are raising funds for our local war chest to aid those facing the threat of being locked up by the state in the Portland area. There are many fees individuals face along with loss of work, and we will use funds to assist allied community members in need.

2) We are also raising money for the next edition of our regular publication The Oregon Prison Forum and to sustain our zine distro.

The Oregon Prisoner Forum is written by and for prisoners in Oregon. We print and send this zine to over 150 prisoners throughout the state of Oregon. We are preparing for our next issue. Each newsletter requires 2 stamps (which costs $1 each) and at least 50 cents in printing. We hope to use this fundraiser to raise at least enough money for our next issue.

3) We also send out zines to prisoners throughout the state, for free, with our zine distro . Each zine, depending on size, costs roughly the same amount as the newsletter in printing and shipping costs.

4) All of the rest of the funds for this fundraiser will be used for stamps for our letter writing and other general needs that arise over time!

PDX ABC has been a self-funded organization doing this important work for over 6 years in the Portland area. Most of our expenses has been funded out of the pockets of our members. We need your help to expand and sustain these important projects.

Please contribute!