Support the Oregon Prisoner Forum Newsletter Issue #3

The Oregon Prisoner Forum is written by and for prisoners in Oregon. We print and send this newsletter to over 150 prisoners throughout the state of Oregon. Our next issue is now available to read online. Our next step is moving this issue to print! To do so we need your help! We have arranged a deal with local printers to print 1000 copies of each issue of TOPF for $200. With this money we can mail in print copies of the publication to prisoners in Oregon and beyond while also making copies available to those in the community on the outside. This is essential in placing prisoners voices where they belong, in the movement!

To make this project a sustainable effort we need the communities support! We are trying to raise $1000 to cover the costs of printing for the next year, this will allow us to print 5 issues, one for the last quarter of 2016 and seasonally for all of 2017.


The Oregon Prisoner Forum has been an essential tool for prisoners throughout the state to break the shackles of isolation and alienation, to share their voices and gain empowerment. We want to familiarize our communities with the voices of those on the inside to help counter act the invisibalization of the most marginalized voices from the discourses of our social movements, those of the prisoners! Breaking the walls of isolation are one step towards prison abolition and we need your help! Please donate and support prison rebels and journalism!

Winter 2016 Issue

Download the PDF file .

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